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A fun, safe, educational activity and experience for all ages and abilities

Finding inspiration in every smile we help to create

We began our journey back in February 2019 with 2 pet alpacas, it was a very exciting brand new venture for myself and my 3 sons, i'll never forget the feeling of calmness that came over me and how special they made me feel, just being in their company. But unfortunately one of the boys died within 2 days. We did everything we could as he started to go downhill, but he was seriously malnourished and been neglected with previous pneumonia scars on his lungs and passed away. We were devastated as you can imagine and soon discovered that these beautiful animals were also in need of special help and a sanctuary of their own where they would live a happy and health life within a large herd and lots of land to roam free, so we began our quest to rehome as many alpacas in need as possible. To date we have given 26 alpacas a new home, not just rescued, but in some cases they're owners circumstances have changed and we have gladly brought them to our beautiful farm and now expanded into rescuing/rehoming other farm animals in need to share them with people in need of a reduction in the stress of everyday life, especially supported people and their amazing carers and support workers - Please call for details on how to book a single session or become part of our program and add us to your weekly/monthly activity planner. (Volunteer sessions are available on Thurdays)

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